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Project Múkk - A Sigur Rós tribute

We formed this tribute project by Israeli musicians to honor the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, and their 20-year legacy of inspiring music.


This endeavor, which later received the name "Project Múkk", is also a tool for the Israeli fan community to leverage the idea of a first Sigur Rós concert in Israel.


To this end, we asked indie Israeli artists, inspired by the band in their musical career, to join us in this exciting project.


All songs in this album are sung in the same language as the source (Icelandic / Hopelandic or just instrumental). All staff behind this project, artists, producers and designers alike, were fueled solely with the passion for music and a feeling of gratitude to Sigur Rós.

Released December 15, 2015

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