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Tnuda is a working group initiated by Shahar Biniamini a former dancer of Batsheva dance company and professor Atan Gross from the Weizmann institute. The group is active since 2012 at Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and in Suzan Dalal in Tel Aviv.

A group of creative dancers, professors and science research students working together to develop new tools emerging from the unique encounter between the two fields – movement and science. We hope to apply these tools and thus enrich our research and artistic activities.

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Synchronization via shared respiration

A.K.A Stuff you could do before COVID-19...


I'm by no means a professional dancer, yet working with these exquisite people was an extremely memorable experience.

We devised the piping infrastructure to record a single respiratory signal which is the summation of multiple individuals in the group (up to 10) while they experiment with movement and dance.

This tool, when projected on the studio halls, allowed a visual aid for group synchronization, whether spontaneous o

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